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Berkshire Bahamas Farms, established in May 2019, is a family-owned and operated 14.57 acre agricultural and livestock enterprise, located in Pine Ridge Agricultural Estates, Freeport, Grand Bahama, The Bahamas. 


In keeping with a family legacy, the vision of the proprietors of Berkshire Bahamas Farms is to create a community that delivers quality food products at affordable prices.


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Inheritor of a history and culture of generations of farming, Terrance Roberts III is the great-great grandson of the legendary landowner and farmer Maxwell Bowe, (1890 - 1970) of the Forest, Great Exuma.  


Roberts is mentored by his great uncle, Kenneth Bowe, businessman, farmer and owner of Chat ‘N Chill Restaurant and beach experience, Stocking Island, Exuma, The Bahamas.


The mission of Berkshire Bahamas Farms is to create, establish and foster a SIMPLE, SAFE, SUSTAINABLE culture of productivity in harmony with nature, while employing technology and International best practices for emerging local and international consumers.  

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